Bednest the '6-in-1' bedside crib

The only crib with the SafeBridge system




Since 2009 thousands of parents have enjoyed the benefits of having their baby sleeping beside their bed in a Bednest - the way that health experts agree is safest.


Bednest is the original bedside crib. It retains many unique features that set it apart from every other bedside crib. Some of these may only become apparent once your baby has arrived and is sleeping next to you. For example, unlike any other bedside crib you can silently adjust Bednest’s side panel to any one of three positions without having to leave your bed. 


When the side is fully open it creates a bridge to your bed to ensure no gap between mattresses. With the side half-open you can keep easy contact with your little one whilst knowing they are protected from rolling into your bed. And when the side is fully closed you can still see each other through the mesh panels.


When it comes to choosing where your baby will sleep, you'll want to get it right first time so you don't end up buying twice. With Bednest you can use it with your baby for up to 30 days - and if for any reason it's not right for you, we will collect it and give you a full refund, whether you buy or rent, in the UK or the other side of the world! 




Designed to help you enjoy the best experience in those important first months with your baby.


  • Remarkably, Bednest is the only bedside crib with machine-washable fabric - a small detail, but really convenient when compared to hand-washing.
  • The stand has easy-to-use sliders which allow you to have an exact match to your bed height and a tilting feature to help with reflux.
  • And there's 60 second assembly straight out of the box - with no tools needed.
All this illustrates Bednest's experience and pedigree as the pioneer and leader in bedside cribs for co-sleeping. You can compare Bednest's features with two other bedside cribs here.
Whether used bedside for up to six months, or just for the first weeks and then used stand-alone, Bednest is recognised by thousands of mums as a better way to start your life with your baby. See what Bednest mums say here.



Affordable for everyone. 


Getting the best needn’t be costly with our unique rental option* inclusive of a new mattress and fabric side panels. There is free delivery for sales to the UK, Europe and USA, half price everywhere else and a 30 day no-quibble money-back guarantee. We can even guarantee to buy-back* your Bednest for half the price you've paid - anytime up to 2 years. (*UK only at present.) For more information on the rental package and 50% Buy-back option please download here



Checkout our e.brochures


Download our brochure here to learn how the 6-in-1 design helps you get the best start with your baby. Jools Oliver, designer and wife of Jamie Oliver, said: "We love the Bednest, we have never had anything like it before." 

NEW! We now have a range of 100% organic cotton sheets and sleeping bags made for us in England by Olli Ella, the London-based baby brand. See the full range here.



Bedside sleeping … and more


By having your little one sleep so close and accessible to you, but in its own safe sleep space, you can enjoy the reassurance, bonding and ease of co-sleeping without any associated risks – as recommended by health experts.


Ease of reaching baby is particularly ideal for when first recovering from birth, or after a C-section, and makes it easier for breastfeeding. It’s also great for eye contact and easy reassuring strokes that can help make for better sleep for both mum, baby and the family.


Bednest can also be used stand-alone if you decide the time is right, and it folds down easily to take with you for a night or a week away from home, maintaining a familiar ‘nest’ for your baby. 





Unlike many cribs, every Bednest includes a specially designed mattress suitable for babies up to 6 months old – comfortable, firm and safe, with a removable and washable quilted cover.


For those Mums who prefer it, we offer the option to buy an all natural coconut coir mattress designed to fit perfectly, which unlike others also comes complete with a removable, washable cotton cover. We also offer a new range of 100% organic sheets, sleeping bags with hypo-allergenic filling designed for us by Olli Ella: and a travel bag, all custom-designed for the Bednest. Download our Olli Ella range here.



**Money-back guarantee applies to sales and rentals direct from - please note it is not offered by NCT Trading.

Bednest is a bedside or alongside crib or bassinet.  Sometimes called a co-sleeper crib or bassinet.


Bednest is no ordinary bedside crib. It significantly enhances the entire sleep experience - safely. It has more features and benefits than any other crib. You might even call it the world's first SuperCrib. 
1.   Bednest attaches to your bed so it cannot slide away and leave a dangerous gap. 2.   Bednest's opening side panel forms a bridge to create a continuous surface to your bed, crossing any gap between the mattresses - particularly important if your mattress sits within a frame. 3.   Bednest's adjustable stand has enough height options to ensure there is no step from the crib's mattress to yours. 4.   Bednest's opening fabric panels are on frames to ensure there is no loose fabric that may cause a trap. 5.   Bednest's stand can be tilted to help relieve the symptoms of reflux. 6.   Bednest has passed British safety standards BS EN 1130 parts 1&2. 7.   Bednest has a second opening side panel to provide easy access from either side when the crib is beside your bed. 8.   Bednest's opening side panel by your bed can be lowered halfway to prevent your baby rolling into your bed. 9.   Bednest can be assembled in one minute without the need for any tools. 10. Bednest can be used bedside, stand-alone, tilted, bridged, as a Moses basket and folded for travel. 11. Bednest makes it easy and practical to follow health expert's safe sleep* advice. 12. Bednest was designed by a leading London design consultancy and is made in Europe. 

See why it's a complete sleep system here.

* The safest place for your baby to sleep for the first six months is in a crib by the side of your bed. (UNICEF - The Royal College of Midwives - The Lullaby Trust.)
Why bedside sleeping? Baby asleep in NCT Bednest.
Health experts* say the safest place for your baby to sleep for the first 6 months is in a crib beside your bed. This halves the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) compared to baby sleeping in a separate room away from its parents. *UNICEF, FSID, The Royal College of Midwives.
Cots can be too large to fit beside your bed, meaning your sleep is disturbed by having to leave your bed to respond to your baby.
The Bednest fits alongside beds in most rooms and the lowered side panels give you immediate access to your baby from either side. Unlike a cot, the Bednest attaches securely to your bed so there is no risk of a gap forming. 
The Bednest can be used with or without the tilting stand, acting as a standalone sleep unit, or can be folded into its travel bag (optional extra) and taken away with you.  This ensures your baby has the same sleep space wherever you are.


Baby in NCT Bednest bedside crib with side panels lowered.
No quibble 30 day Money Back Guarantee
We are so confident you'll love your Bednest as much as Jools Oliver did, that if for any reason, within 30 days of receipt, you decide that it's not right for you, we will refund your money and arrange collection at our cost. This applies whether you buy or rent and to customers in the UK or anywhere in the World. There are no catches or special conditions. We just ask that you treat your Bednest with care - which we know you will! (This guarantee applies to orders placed on the website and may not apply to orders placed with other resellers or rental agents such as NCT.)
NCT Bednest bedside crib is also a moses basket.
Health experts state that sleeping with your baby in the same bed carries some risks if parents are smokers, taking drugs or medication or have consumed alcohol.
Latest analysis of previous studies suggests that babies should only be brought into your bed for feeding and comfort, not for sleeping. Please see here for latest research on bed-sharing and read our blog here.
There is also the risk of baby falling out of the bed or getting caught up in the duvet or pillow.
These risks and fear of smothering can also cause parental anxiety.
The NCT Bednest keeps your baby close to you to aid bonding, breastfeeding and less disturbed sleep whilst your baby is in their own safe sleep space.
NCT Bednest bedside crib is also a travel cot.

1 in 4 births are by caesarean section and this can result in a long recovery period with reduced mobility making it harder to get out of bed and care for your baby. It may be especially difficult to lift your baby in and out of a closed sided crib or Moses basket. Both side panels of the Bednest drop down making access much easier from either side.


1 in 9 babies are premature where there is a need for extra care and where bed-sharing is to be avoided.


The NCT Bednest makes it easier to see, touch and care for your baby from your own bed.


It secures to virtually any bed on its height adjustable stand, even with bed- frames allowing you to remain in bed whilst breastfeeding, comforting, and responding to your baby.

NCT Bednest bedside crib has variable height adjustment.

Bedside crib

- No complicated assembly - build in about a minute

- Attaches securely to your divan or bedframe

- Around 70 height adjustments so you can form a flat sleep surface with your mattress

SafeBridge crib 

- Drop down side panel forms a bridge to your bed - fully open crosses bedframes or half open when the mattresses touch so it's less intrusive

Stand-alone crib

- With the side panels locked closed, it's a crib for use anywhere

Moses basket

- Crib easliy detaches from the stand to move around your home

Tilting crib

- The unique stand can be tilted so the crib is at angle to help relieve the symptoms of reflux.

Travel crib

- Folds into the travel bag* in a minute - keeping a familiar environment for your baby wherever you go.        * The travel bag is an optional extra.




  • We consulted a Parenting Consultant

    In creating this website we consulted a university qualified antenatal and preparation-for-birth-and-beyond teacher who is also a postnatal facilitator who runs courses for parents and parents-to-be.

    Her background is in teaching and research and she teamed up with Bednest in order to share her knowledge and experience to assist you in preparing for life with a new baby.

    Sleep and the lack of it is often the biggest challenge you can face once your baby is born so It is so important to make the right informed choices. 


    Co-sleeping mother with baby in NCT Bednest bedside crib
  • How can we help you?

    Bednest wants all parents to have the best possible experience with their baby in those all-important first few months. If you have decided that you want all the benefits of a Bednest, but can't afford one, each week we provide up to 50 parents with a special discount code that will assist with the rental or purchase of a Bednest. To apply, simply email us in confidence to setting out your reasons for requesting the code*.

    * The code will apply to the regular full price of a purchase or rental and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers.

    Whether you are currently deciding where your baby should sleep or you are having sleep issues with your newborn, we available to answer your questions via email on our contact page.


Co-sleeping mother with baby in NCT Bednest bedside crib, with side panels lowered
  • Why we believe in bedside sleeping

    Over 20 years of research has led to the recommendation by health professionals that;  “the safest place for a baby to sleep is in a crib beside their parents bed for the first 6 months”.  Parents often want to be close to their baby but are concerned about the risks of sharing the same bed.  Bedside cribs provide a solution to this problem, as the baby is close but in their own safe sleep space. 

    Close proximity between mum and baby provides ample opportunities for them to bond with each other by being able to see, hear and touch each other. It also helps with breastfeeding, especially at night and makes caring for your baby immediately following birth easier to do, especially if you have had a caesarean birth.

    We consider the Bednest to be the very best custom-designed bedside crib on the market. It's the only one that can bridge the gap to your bed. This means there is a continuous surface from your bed to the crib and that means there is no dangerous gap between the mattresses. 



    NCT Bednest bedside crib with stand.

    Why we offer rental of the Bednest 


    Bednest was never designed to a price point - it was designed to be the best it can be. To make it more affordable we offer the rental option. Unlike other cribs, it has been built to such a high standard that it will last for many years longer than it is actually needed. And because of the design we can replace the fabrics easily - or any part that needs to be changed. 

    We hope to be able to offer the rental package in more countries during 2014.

    Mum and baby