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The Bednest has passed the latest US safety standards specifically designed for bedside sleepers.
ASTM F2906-13
More than 25,000 parents have discovered the benefits of sleeping close to their baby with the Bednest without the worries or risks associated with sleeping in the same bed. Awarded the 2014 'Consumer's Choice bedside cot' by Mumii voters, the safety of your baby is our main priority. As such Bednest has been designed with more unique features and benefits than any other bedside crib in the world.
Unique to the Bednest, the SafeBridge side panel lowers onto your mattress to ensure there is no dangerous gap between the crib and your bed, meaning you can be confident when bringing your baby into your bed for feeding, care and comfort. 
The Bednest stand can be easily adjusted to 70 height settings for an exact match to your bed - that's up to ten times more setting options than any other crib and means there's no step from the crib mattress to yours. The independent sliders also mean the stand can be adjusted to an angle, which some moms say helps with the symptoms of reflux. IMPORTANT: The head end should not be more than 2 inches higher than the foot end. 
The Bednest is the only bedside crib with a second opening side panel to make access to your baby easy even when one side is attached to your bed. This is helpful after any birth - particularly a C-section birth - as there is no need to lift your baby over a closed side. IMPORTANT: Ensure both sides are fully up and secured when the baby is unsupervised. 
Unlike any other crib the Bednest has been carefully engineered to be built in under one minute. It also folds flat in seconds for travel, making it so easy to keep a familiar environment for your baby wherever you go. 
The crib can be lifted from the stand to use around the home as a bassinet/Moses basket and with both side panels closed and locked the Bednest can be used as a freestanding crib when you're ready to move your baby into the nursery. IMPORTANT: Stop using the Bednest when baby begins to sit, kneel, push up on hands and knees or pull themself up (max weight 10kgs / 22 pounds.) This is at around 6 months, but each baby is unique.

Always read the warnings and instructions before using your Bednest. 
If you have acquired a second-hand Bednest without an instruction manual or have lost the instruction manual you can download a copy in the FAQ page on this website.
Only use a mattress we supply and never add another mattress or padding into any crib as this will increase the height of the sleep surface and reduce the height of the side panels. 
We recommend that a new mattress is used for each baby. These are available in our shop page.
Place your baby in the crib on their back to sleep in line with safe sleep advice from the Lullaby Trust and the NHS.
Bednest has passed US safety standards:
ASTM F2906-13 bedside sleepers
ASTM F2194-13a cradles and bassinets
We've received 1000s of fantastic reviews from mums and dads who've loved their Bednests.
"I have completed your online survey, but just to add to that I was totally thrilled with the bednest I hired. I was able to keep my son sleeping in the same room as me up to 6 months, where I know a lot of other mothers reluctantly had to move their child in to another room earlier than they'd wanted, as they grew out of their moses basket so quickly and their cot was too larger to fit in their room. Having the bednest made it so easy to nurse my son during the night, allowing me to pick him up without getting out of bed. This disturbed my husband less and made it so quick and easy to pop my son back in the bednest when his feed was over.
When I have baby number 2 I will be renting the bednest again without a doubt! 
I'm very happy for you to use my comments, as I'm a huge fan of your product."
Read 100s more reviews here.
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Bednest is a bedside or alongside crib or bassinet.  Sometimes called a co-sleeping crib or close-sleeper or bassinet. We believe in expert safe sleep guidance which reduces the risk of SIDS. Bedside sleeping is a safe alternative to bed-sharing - keeping the advantages of close proximity and helping breastfeeding, bonding and attachment.


A Moses basket will only last 8-12 weeks - then what? 
Bednest is designed to last up until the point where your baby can sit, kneel or pull themselves up making it easy to follow expert advice that your baby should sleep in the same room as you for the first 6 months. Every baby is unique so timing will vary. 
Why bedside sleeping? Baby asleep in NCT Bednest.
Unlike many other cribs, Bednest's fabric panels are machine washable. They can be removed and replaced in seconds as there is no complicated attachment.
The mattress covers are also machine washable and the wooden ends can be wiped with a slightly damp cloth using mild domestic cleaner.
Baby in NCT Bednest bedside crib with side panels lowered.
We want you to be completely happy with your Bednest.
If for any reason you decide it's not right for you, within 30 days from delivery, we will give a full refund and collect at our cost - even if you have been using it. 
NCT Bednest bedside crib is also a moses basket.
Having your baby sleep in your room in their own crib bedside your bed is proven to reduce the risks of SIDS compard to baby sleeping in your bed or in a separate room alone.
Beyond safe sleep, Bednest helps you to have a beautiful experience with your baby. Bednest mums love the joy of watching their little one fall asleep and then waking up to see them in the morning - all without having to leave their bed.
NCT Bednest bedside crib is also a travel cot.
Bednest is now used in Liverpool John Moores University to teach Midwifery students about the latest health expert recommendations for safe sleep.
NCT Bednest bedside crib has variable height adjustment.
Bednest is great value with so many different uses.
As the sides close securely, it can be used stand-alone in the nursery or lift the crib from the stand for use around the home - plus it folds for travel in under a minute. This is perfect for keeping a familiar sleeping environment wherever you are - weekend visits to family and friends or going on holiday.


    Bednest has a unique 2nd opening side panel. This means access is easy from both sides even when Bednest is attached to your bed. This means no difficult lifting over the closed sides of a regular crib or Moses basket and is particularly helpful when recovering after a c-section.
    Co-sleeping mother with baby in NCT Bednest bedside crib
    Bednest provides the benefits of sleeping close to your baby without the risks of sharing the same bed. 

Co-sleeping mother with baby in NCT Bednest bedside crib, with side panels lowered
    Bednest is perfect for following health expert advice that “the safest place for a baby to sleep is in a crib beside their parents bed for the first 6 months”.  
    NCT Bednest bedside crib with stand.
    Using Bednest's sliders, the stand can be adjusted in seconds to up to 70 heights - without any tools - meaning you get a perfect match to your mattress. And the stand can be tilted to help relieve symptoms of reflux.
    Mum and baby