Why choose Bednest?

There are quite a few bedside cribs available now - a trend we are proud to have helped to start in the U.K. in 2009. So how do you choose which one is right for you? Of course we love the Bednest best; but here is a checklist of a few common questions to help you decide what features are important to you.
The Bednest can meet your needs if you answer yes to any of these questions. 
1. Do you want to be able to lift the crib from the stand to use around the home? 
2. Do you need the crib to work with a bed as low as 30cm right up to 66cm - with a choice of around 70 heights?
3. Would you like to build the crib in around one minute without any tools?
4. Is it important to be able to fold the crib in seconds for travel?
5. Do you want an opening side panel to cross a gap to your mattress? (A valuable safety feature if you have a mattress that sits within a frame.)
6. Do you want to be able to close the side panel without leaving your bed?
7. Do you want to be able to tilt the stand? (Some parents say it helps to relieve the symptoms of reflux - much better than putting books under one end.)
8. Do you want to be able to machine-wash the fabrics? 
9. Do you want 2 x transparent mesh panels so it's easy to see your baby from both sides?
10. Do you need the attachment straps to be long enough to secure it around any bed size up to superking?
11. Do you want the choice to buy or rent? (Rental is available in the UK and 9 other EU countries.)
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