Travelling with your baby – some helpful tips




Venturing away on holiday or visits to family with your baby – even for a couple of nights -  can be a daunting prospect.  That first holiday is an exciting milestone for new parents and babies who are still discovering things about one another every day.  Every new experience as a parent comes with its own lessons and you will soon learn what works for you and your baby (and what doesn’t!).  It is often helpful to draw on the experiences of other parents, so we have pulled together a few tips from mums and dads to help you prepare for your next trip.

  1. Packing

If you struggled to travel light before having your baby, you might find it even more challenging now!

Everyone approaches packing differently, the key is to decide what you are taking before you put it all in the case.  Some parents pack a different outfit for their baby each day into a separate zip lock bag, like this example we found on Pinterest.   

When you are loading the car, remember to pack the heavier items that you won’t need until you arrive at the bottom of your boot – don’t pack something essential underneath everything else or you will find yourself unpacking your car at the motorway services. 

Some mums have told us that taking the Bednest on holiday can help baby to settle more easily because it provides a familiar sleep environment (just think how much you miss your own bed when you travel!)  Travelling with your Bednest can also offer parents peace of mind because you won’t need to hire a travel cot or mattress from an unfamiliar place.  It is easy to take your Bednest away with you, it folds away quickly and lies flat without the need for any tools (Watch our video to see how).  We also have a carry bag available from our online shop, which will make it easier to load your Bednest into the car and take with you. (Please note the bag won't protect your Bednest if it suffers any kind of poor handling in the hold of a plane. We recommend using the box and packaging it came in if you are planning to take it on a flight.) 

“ [Our] Bednest was also great for times when our baby slept out as it made an excellent travel cot and was easily transported between houses”.  Nicola, Clark and Aria (March 2017)

  1. The Journey

Wherever you plan to travel, you will find that a bit of careful preparation will make a positive difference.  

If you are driving a long distance, factor in lots of stops for comfort and feeding and try to choose your travelling times carefully – nobody wants to be stuck on the motorway in rush hour traffic with a crying baby, so try to avoid peak times. 

Keep your changing bag of essentials close to hand so you don’t need to keep rooting around in your boot for things.  Remember to take a change of clothes for baby (and you) for the journey which will help in the event of any spillages, and keep some of baby’s favourite toys handy in the car for entertainment purposes!



  1. Your Essentials

Be assured that most essentials can be purchased from a shop if you run out, so don’t panic if you can’t pack a week’s worth of nappies into your case!  

You might like to check that your hotel room will have a fridge to keep items cool, it is also handy to have access to a washing machine – we all know how many outfit changes can occur in a single day. 

As well as the all-important sun cream, long sleeves in a light material will help to keep baby’s delicate skin out of the sun, and a sun hat with a piece at the back to help protect their neck.  Muslin squares are wonderfully adaptable and can help to keep baby shaded, and a parasol that attaches to your stroller is useful for keeping them safe in the sun too.  

It is a good idea to remember some spare bedding for your little one.  Every rented Bednest comes complete with two brand new fitted sheets, so make sure to take your spare one along too! (Find out what else is included with your Bednest rental on our website)

  1. Stay Connected

An organised parent is a calm parent, so make a list of all the important numbers you might need whilst you are away and keep them in a safe place.  Saving numbers on your phone is a good idea, but keep a paper copy too just in case you need a backup.  Helpful contacts to include could be; your accommodation, your travel insurance, your own doctor, your mobile phone operator and if driving, your car insurance.  

  1. The Holiday

Remember that this is a chance for you and your new family to make some amazing memories!  Travelling with a little one means everything is likely to take much longer than it used to so try to be relaxed about times and itineraries.  It might be an idea to steer clear of full day itineraries and opt for either a morning or afternoon activity when your baby is usually at their best – this way you can all spend the rest of your day chilling out and enjoying the change of pace. 

If you are about to embark on your first family get away, we hope you enjoy it!  We love to hear about the places that our Mums and Dads have taken their Bednest so let us know where you are off to, and if you have any queries about travelling with a Bednest please feel free to call us on  01926 350197 or email us on (Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm).  You can also refer to the FAQ section of our website for information.