Renting v buying second-hand

When thinking about the Bednest rentals, a question some people ask themselves is "Why rent when I can buy a bedside crib second-hand for a similar price?"
Here is a checklist to help you decide what's right for you - it's not just about price - there are also other important things to consider. 
Have you factored in the cost of buying a new mattress? It is recommended that you buy a new mattress for each baby - especially if the crib is from a different family. Check the price and availability and add it to the cost of the crib.
Every Bednest rental has to be supplied with a NEW mattress and a NEW pair of fabric side panels.
Is the second-hand crib the latest model?
When you rent a Bednest, it will have been updated to the latest specification.
Make sure the second-hand crib is thoroughly checked for any damage.
Every Bednest for rental is checked and any damaged part is replaced.  
Make sure the second-hand crib is clean.
Every Bednest for rental is thoroughly cleaned before it gets sent out.
Does the second-hand crib include the latest User Guide?
Every Bednest for rental includes a new User Guide.
Are all the accessories complete and in good condition? Make sure all the items are included - especially any attachment straps; depending on the model, these are essential if the crib is to be used attached to your bed. If they are missing check the price and add it to the cost of the crib.
Every Bednest for rental comes with the 2 x attachment straps included in the rental price.
Do you have to pay for delivery - or will you have to collect it? Have you factored these costs in to the final price?
The Bednest rental price includes delivery - and it includes the cost to return it too.
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