Old style Bednests with the half-folding side pose a risk of a baby getting its neck over the half-folding side resulting in rapid death or injury.  IMMEDIATELY STOP USING THE BEDNEST IF IT HAS A FOLDING PANEL CAPABLE OF BEING LEFT IN THE HALF-RAISED POSITION. 
A simple modification kit must be fitted urgently to eliminate this risk.  Click here to request the free kit. Or if you prefer to arrange for your Bednest to be returned and modified for you email  If you have any questions or concerns about the modification, see below for frequently asked questions or contact us at 
Is my Bednest affected?
If your Bednest has a side panel which is still capable of folding in half, then you MUST request a modification kit urgently and not use the Bednest in the meantime. 
Are current or new orders from Bednest affected?
No. All Bednests manufactured and rented after November 2015 have been modified already and therefore all current and new orders are not affected. 
What is the modification kit?

The simple, self-fit modification locks the side panel so that it is no longer capable of folding in half, effectively making it like the existing non-folding panel. You will still be able to lower the whole panel as a safe bridge to your bed, giving easy access to your baby. 
The modification does not require any specialist skills and will take only three to four minutes to complete. The kit consists of two small screws and a screwdriver, and the screws are simply inserted into holes that already exist in the hinge of the folding panel.
I am concerned that I won’t be able to fit the modification
The modification is very simple to do – click here for video instructions.  If you are still uncertain, email us at If you prefer we can arrange for you to return the Bednest to us and we will make the modification and return it to you - email your request to
NB: Once you have watched the video please check that your crib has the holes for the screws. If not please contact us for further assistance.
I have lost my modification kit or kit fitting instructions – what do I do?
If you have lost your modification kit click here and we will happily send you another kit.  
If you have lost the fitting instructions you can download them in multiple languages below:
English here
Dutch / Nederlands here
French / Français here
German / Deutsche here
Italian / Italiano here
Spanish / Español here
After the modification can I still open the side by my bed to bring baby into bed and then return baby to the crib?
Yes you can, this hasn’t changed. The side panel will still lower onto your bed and act as a bridge. Always read and follow the instructions in the new User Guide, download links in six languages are detailed below.
If you no longer have the Bednest
If you have sold or loaned the Bednest to someone else, it is important that you pass on this Safety Warning  to the current user / owner. If you have the new owners contact details please send them to and we will get in touch with them. 
If you have more questions, you can email
Make sure you have the latest user guide and safety instructions:
English  here 
Dutch / Nederlands here 
French / Français here
German / Deutsche here 
Italian / Italiano here
Spanish / Español here
Since the Bednest crib was first launched for sale, the safety of children has been at the heart of our company’s ethos. We have worked with experts and independent test laboratories to ensure compliance with safety standards.