How do customers feel about their Bednest and the service we provide?

"The bednest is my number one recommendation for any family getting ready to welcome a new baby!! It was so helpful with developing a good breastfeeding relationship (still going, 8 months strong here). Not only is it convenient for nighttime feedings and tending to baby, it's also a beautiful addition to a bedroom. We rented our bednest, because we have very little storage space, and we were so sad to send it back. If we have another child, I would want nothing less than a bednest! I honestly feel like I can't speak highly enough of this product. Thank you so much for providing us with a wonderful 7 1/2 months of close, safe sleeping with our new baby!!"

Thanks so much!! Alexandra

'I've got 3 children, my 2 boys I used a Moses Basket for but my daughter I had the Bednest and by far this was the best! It was so nice having her lay right next to me so I could see her all the time and I always felt she was safe in there. I'd thoroughly recommend this for anyone with a newborn. Excellent product 😊"
"Thank you very much! We had a wonderful experience with the Bednest. It is designed wonderfully and we used it to its full potential... We traveled with it and used it daily for many months. We loved the product and it was very reasonably priced!"
"I would recommend the Bednest to all new parents. Excellent value for money, great build quality and easy to assemble. Our daughter slept very comfortably in it and it was so reassuring that she was next to me at all times, whilst being safe. An absolute god send for night feeds and the
translation from arms to crib! Fantastic service from Bednest too. Brilliant!"
"The Bednest was by far the best thing we've used for our baby boy to date, the build quality is excellent easy to assemble and very versatile. The rental scheme is great value for money with stress free delivery and return it's perfect would not hesitate to recommend. Thanks, Martin"
"I can honestly say this is the best bit of kit we purchased & have already recommended the bednest to friends who are expecting. I only wish we had it with our first child. We've used the bednest from when our baby was 2 weeks old prior to this we had a crib at the side of the bed which my son just did not settle in.  However as soon as we swapped to bednest our son seemed more content, settled & slept much better. I believe this is because it is light & airy, cosy, snug & he was able to see me from his bednest which was attached to our bed. I also felt more content & confident being able to safely lay next to him & see him but also having the reassurance that he was safe in his bednest. Absolutely brilliant for breast feeding as well, I could slide him out with
minimal disruption, feed him & then pop him safely back in nest. Kind Regards Lisa"
"I absolutely loved the bed nest. Best thing I've had for my baby. Wish I had had one for my last baby.  I recommend it to anyone. It makes the first few months with your baby so much more precious. The rental service is brilliant and so easy.  The price is great too, works out at £10 a month, so worth it. Then u don't need to store it afterwards, just send it back! Thanks a lot. 
"I would just like to say what a great piece of kit the Bednest is.  The whole process was so easy from start to finish.  I used a Moses basket for my firstborn and had memories of not being too happy (v sleep deprived) having to get out of bed to get to her/put her back even though she was right next to the bed!  So, 3 years on, when pregnant again I decided to 'treat' myself by hiring the Bednest for my second child.  I had no idea just how much I was going to LOVE the Bednest.  Having baby, safe, right next to me, at the same height, was just great.  No having to haul myself out of bed this time around.  Wonderful! Brilliant!  So much so...I wanted to cry when I packed up the Bednest and my 6 month old moved into his own room.  I would definitely recommend to mums-to-be it as a 'must have' for those precious first few months with baby.
Many thanks, Alice 
"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend renting/buying a bednest to a new mother. 
The service has been brilliant from Start to finish. I had concerns about the mattress and sides being reused each time but the bednest turned up with brand new and sealed sides and mattress. The cot itself was spotless and in brilliant condition."
"It was simple to assemble (there was no assembling about it really!!) and fit perfectly next to our bed. We never took the crib part off the frame to use around the house but you could if needed."
"I was exclusively Breast feeding to it made the night feeds that much easier having him So closer. I liked being able to co-sleep but with him being safe. It also lasted much longer than a Moses basket would!"
"Returning it was simple as its pre paid and you just have to organise a
collection. Thank you for the brilliant service...we hope to use you again in the
future! Kind regards Chloe"
"I really appreciated the good customer service. The Bednest arrived on time and I've been given 2 extra months for free. I loved that I can have my baby on my side during the first months of her life and that I didn't have to worry for her safety. The side panels are very useful and you can open them from your bed which was very helpful. The bednest is simple but very useful and very good quality. Kind regards, Maria"
"The Bednest was one of the best pieces of baby equipment we had during the first few months. We loved having our new daughter so close at night, but without the worry of rolling over onto her. As I was exclusively breastfeeding, it also made night time feeds really easy. I have been recommending it to everyone I know who is expecting a baby.  
We also liked the rental scheme as it's good to know the frame will be reused and not just end up as landfill. Kind regards, Emma"
"Thanks so much for the rental of the very useful bed nest.  The whole set up from delivery,use and returns was so easy and efficient. I loved being so close to my baby and wish I had known about you four years ago with my first son. I would definitely recommend you and use your company again. Can't believe how quickly the last 6.5 monhs gone as wanted to keep my baby in there longer. Thanks again  Hayley"