Renting - am I just paying to borrow the Bednest?

Every rental package comprises 3 main elements:
1. Rental of the fully cleaned and refurbished wooden crib and stand plus a pair of attachment straps.
2. Courier delivery and collection to and from your chosen address.
3. Purchase of a NEW mattress and NEW fabric side panels.
A large part of the total price you pay is for your own new mattress and a pair of new fabric / mesh side panels. These are not rented - they are new every time and are yours to keep. These are the items we sell and recommend using even if you were to borrow a crib from family or friends or buy one second-hand.
Checked and cleaned ...
When we receive a crib back from a rental the first thing we do is dispose of the outer packaging and returned items from the previous refresh package - if any. We never re-use these items. Then we give all the crib parts a thorough clean - including the use an air-compressor to get into the smallest of places. At the same time we make a detailed check for any damage and parts are replaced as necessary. If there's any doubt, we change the part without hesitation. 
The refurbishment process takes place in our refurbishment center in Stratford Upon Avon where we have a fully trained team dedicated to providing the highest standards.
Up to date user guide and labeling ...
We then add the latest User Guide and the latest crib labels. 
Final check ...
We carry out a final check to ensure the Bednest looks good and all the parts are there - including the 2 x attachment straps. Once completed, it's all carefully placed into the new packaging ready for dispatch.
Courier delivery ...
We use UPS to deliver the Bednest to your chosen address on your selected delivery day. Or you may prefer to pick up your Bednest from our refurbishment center here in Stratford Upon Avon; you're welcome to pay us a visit and see for yourself. 
The rental period is not fixed ...
Because every baby is unique we don't fix the rental period. We say the rental is for 6 months plus 1 month free if needed - but in reality the Bednest is yours for as long as your baby needs it. Just let us know if you need to keep it longer - we won't charge a penny more. 
Courier collection ...
When your baby has outgrown the Bednest it's time to send it back. The collection service is pre-paid - so all you do is pack up the Bednest, select a preferred collection day* and print the return label. UPS will then come to your selected address to collect the crib. (Oh - and please remember to keep the packaging as it's needed for the return journey to protect the crib.)
If it's not right for you ...
You can have up to 30 days from when we deliver your Bednest to decide if it's right for you; and if it's not - for any reason - we'll give you a full refund and collect it at our cost - even if you've been using it. 
Friendly to the environment ...
Every 14 rentals saves the felling of one tree, over 15,000 miles of travel and enough energy to boil a kettle about 1,400 times.
In summary ...
When you 'rent' a Bednest you get so much more than the word 'rent' suggests - all for one single payment - you get your own refresh pack - with no hidden costs -  we don't ask for a security deposit - there's a full refund policy if you're not happy - plus you avoid the hassle of selling or storing another baby item you no longer need.
If you think we've missed something please let us know as we are always open to new ideas to improve our service to you.
You can read what said about the innovation of our rental scheme here
You can order your rental here.
We rent to the UK and 9 other EU countries**.
* weekdays excluding Bank holidays. 
**UK plus Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and The Netherlands 
Here is a useful checklist for common questions:
Does the rental include a new mattress?       YES - yours to keep 
Does the rental include 2 new fabric sides?  YES - yours to keep 
Does the rental include 2 new fitted sheets? YES - yours to keep
Are the 2 attachment straps included?           YES
Can I keep it longer than 6 months if my baby has not outgrown it?
                                                                                YES - and for no extra cost
Is delivery included in the price?                    YES 
Is collection included in the price?                 YES
Will it attach to a divan bed?                           YES
Will it attach to a framed bed?                        YES - for frames protruding up to 7.5cm
Will it work with a bed as low as 30cm?        YES
Will it work with a bed as high as 66cm?       YES
Is it variable between 30cm and 66cm?         YES - around 70 height options 
Are the fabrics machine-washable?                YES
Can the crib be folded for travel?                    YES - in seconds with no tools
Can the crib be lifted from the stand ?          YES
Can the stand be tilted?                                    YES
Are returned rentals fully cleaned?                YES
Are returned rentals checked for damage?   YES - and parts replaced if needed
Can I buy a damage waiver to protect me from costs of accidental damage?
Is there an option to have a coconut coir, wool and cotton mattress?
Is there an option to have organic cotton sheets instead?
If it doesn't suit me can I change my mind? YES - you have up to 30 days from delivery.
Is there a video explaining rental?                 YES - watch it here 
Is there a Bednest video?                                 YES - watch it here