• Is a pre-loved Bednest like a second-hand one?

    A pre-loved Bednest is (in most cases) better than buying second-hand because it is refurbished by the manufacturer and includes:

    NEW Mattress + 2 x NEW Fabric sides + NEW Packaging + 2 x Attachment straps + Latest User Guide & Safety labelling + Latest product modification + As an added bonus 2 x NEW Fitted sheets. 


    A pre-loved Bednest is a bedside crib that has been previously hired to our customers and which has been fully cleaned and refurbished (including some brand new items) by our trained team to be virtually as good as new. 

    The wooden crib and the stand are refurbished. The mattress, fabric sides and packaging are all brand new.
    We apply the latest safety labelling to crib and stand - and include the latest printed User Guide.
    If you’re in the U.K., France, Germany, Ireland, Italy or Spain check the home page here for a special discount code .... and you can order here
    • The top of your mattress must be in the range of 30cm up to 66cm 
    • You will need at least 24 inches / 60cm of free space at the side of your bed
    • Please read and check all information in the User Guide to make sure you are happy with how the crib should be used. It can be downloaded here and elsewhere in the FAQ section you can download it in Dutch, French, German and Spanish.


  • What are the main benefits of a bedside crib?

    Bedside cribs ...

    - provide a way to enjoy the experience of sleeping close to your baby without the worry of the perceived risks of sharing the same bed 

    make it easier to bring baby into your bed for care, comfort and feeding and then return baby to their own sleep space .... can be especially helpful when lifting and getting out of bed are difficult after a c-section - or any birth  

    - make it easy to follow the latest advice that babies should sleep in a crib in their parent’s room for the first 6 months

    - last longer than a Moses basket, which might only last a few weeks 

  • What are the main features and benefits of a Bednest bedside crib?

    Bedside cribs may look quite similar but Bednest has a number of unique features you may only appreciate once you’re using it.

    - can be used with divans and framed beds thanks to its opening side panel that forms a bridge between mattresses to cross gaps up to 7.5cm.

    - one minute build without the need for tools, screws or bolts

    - folds for travel in seconds 

    - 70 height options for a better match to your bed - from 30cm to 66cm  

    - tilting feature that some mums say helps relieve the symptoms of reflux 

    - a second opening side for easy access 

    - breathable transparent mesh panels make it easy to see baby from both sides 

    - removable crib section to use around the home 

    - locking raised side panels for use as a 4 x sided freestanding crib 

    - designed in London and made in Europe 

    - uniquely available for hire anywhere in the U.K. plus 9 other EU countries


    IMPORTANT: Always read and follow the instructions in the User Guide

    Place your order here 


  • What are lowest and highest heights of bed it can be used with?

    The height of the Bednest is easily adjustable in seconds using our unique sliders - without the need for any tools, screws or bolts.

    It may be used with beds where the top of the mattress is as low as 30cm / 12 inches and as high as 66cm / 26 inches from the floor.

    This height range is greater than for many other bedside cribs - it's worth checking this before you buy. 

    Please contact us if you are unsure if the Bednest is suitable for your bed.

    You’ll find more dimensions and information here 

    .... and you can download a User Guide here


  • Can I be sure the Bednests for hire are clean?

    Bednests for hire are fully refurbished and thoroughly cleaned using premium sterilising products for each and every hire.


    -          The mattress is a brand new one for each hire. 

    -          The fabric sides are brand new ones for each hire.

    -          The wooden crib and stand are refurbished and thoroughly cleaned with premium disinfectants. 

    -          Every Bednest is then quality control checked before we send it out to you – the checks are to the same standards as if it was being supplied new. 


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  • Is a Bednest like a ‘nest’ sleep positioner?


    Bednest is a complete bedside crib solution .... it is NOT a ‘nest’ in the way the word is sometimes used.  These are usually additional sleep positioners and are not recommended by health professionals and baby charities and we advise against using them in the Bednest. 

    As advised by health professionals and baby charities, Bednest mattresses provide a flat, firm and water-resistant sleep surface. We also offer the option of a waterproof mattress protector.  

    As the Lullaby Trust says ..... 

    “Pods or nests are a softer type of sleep surface sometimes used instead of or in addtion to a mattress, with areas that are raised or cushioned. When sleeping, babies shouldn’t lie on or have anything soft around them, particularly their heads, as this can cause them to overheat and increases the risk of SIDS.”



  • How soon can it be delivered?

    We can usually deliver within 7-10 working days from receipt of an order. Sometimes it’s quicker; sometimes a bit longer. You can check available dates when placing an order in the shop page.

    We normally suggest having delivery about 2 weeks before your due date.

    You can order as far ahead as you want. Some customers like to plan in advance whilst others wait until nearer the time. 

    If you need to change the delivery date after you have ordered just let us know. We try to be as flexible as possible as we know things can change.

    Place your order here


  • Why can’t I see any products on the shop page?

    That usually means that our website thinks you are in a country where we don't offer our products or services. The website is IP address sensitive, but sometimes gets it wrong. Or, another possible reason could be, as an example, if you’re in the UK and using a work computer and work for a US company, it might have a US IP address.


    In addition to the UK, where we are based, we offer products and services to Ireland, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Italy.


    If you are accessing the website from one of these countries one of the following actions usually solves the problem.


    Try from a different device or location 

    Switch between Safari and Chrome

    Switch between home broadband and a mobile network


    If none of these works we can always take an order on the phone. +44 (0)1926 350197Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. 




  • Can it be attached to divans and framed beds?

    The crib comes with 2 x attachment straps. One short and one extra long.

    The short strap attaches to a bedframe and the side panel opens to cross ledges up to 7.5cm wide.

    By looping the extra long strap through the short strap it will attach to divans from a regular double up to super-king size. 

  • Where can I read customer reviews?

    You can read customer reviews here

  • When should I have my Bednest delivered?
    With so many things to plan, we recommend having your Bednest delivered at least two weeks before your due date. 
    We dispatch on time, but we rely on the services of a courier for the delivery. Whilst their efficiency is good, occasionally there are delays, partly because they are becoming extremely busy with the growth in Internet shopping - so our top tips are:
    - allow a little extra time just in case there are any delays. It can be quite stressful if trying to coordinate the arrival of the Bednest too close to your due date.
    - avoid a Friday delivery if that's possible. The reason is that it's more difficult trying to sort problems out with courier companies at the weekend when drivers and customer services may be limited. A missed delivery on a Thursday can usually be sorted for Friday. But a missed delivery on a Friday may shift to Monday.
    If you are renting a Bednest the 6 months rental period commences on delivery, not when you place your order - plus we do allow an extra one month* free of any charge if needed. In practice a rented Bednest is yours for as long as your baby needs it. As every baby is unique the timeframe is not fixed and up to 7 months is generally more than sufficient. We even offer FREE extra time on request if your baby has not outgrown the crib. See the user guide for details of when baby has outgrown the Bednest. 
  • What countries do you supply the hire service to?

    We are based in Stratford-Upon-Avon and can deliver to anywhere in the U.K. 

    We also supply the hire service to the following countries......

    Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and The Netherlands.

  • What is the weight of the Bednest?

    The crib alone weighs approx 7.5kg. The complete Bednest with its stand weighs approx 14kg.  Packed in the shipping box it weighs approx 19kg.


    You can find out more - including dimensions here

  • What are the external dimensions of the Bednest?

    Length 860mm, width 475mm, height to top of baby's mattress adjustable between 300mm and 660mm. The box in which your Bednest is delivered is 880mm x 530mm x 240mm weighing approx 19kg.


    You’ll find more information including dimensions here 

  • Can I return items for a refund if not suitable?



    The Bednest and mattress package are delivered ‘sealed for hygiene’ so it is important that you make sure they suitable for your bed / crib before opened as refunds cannot be given if the seal is broken. This does not apply where there is a manufacturing fault.


    You have the right to cancel for a full refund from when the order is placed and up to 14 days from when the item is delivered to you. You then have up to 14 days to return the item unopened and in its original packaging to us. You must pay the return postage / courier costs. This will be refunded to you in cases where the item is found to be faulty. The method of return must provide a proof of delivery. 



    • The top of your mattress must be in the range of 30cm up to 66cm 
    • You will need at least 24 inches / 60cm of free space at the side of your bed
    • Please read and check all information in the User Guide to make sure you are happy with how the crib should be used. It can be downloaded here and elsewhere in the FAQ section you can download it in Dutch, French, German and Spanish.
  • How long can I use the Bednest?

    Stop using the Bednest when your baby begins to sit up or kneel unaided or push up on their hands or pull themself up. The maximum recommended baby weight is 10kg / 22 pounds. 

    This is at around six months - but each baby is unique.

    Full details in the User Guide here


  • How long can I keep it if I rent it?

    Up to six months from when your baby is born - with FREE extra time on request. 

    IMPORTANT: Please remember that the Bednest should not be used for babies that can sit up unaided, kneel or push up on hands and knees or pull themselves up. Max weight is 10kg. This is at around 5 months - but every baby is unique. 

    We will contact you to remind you when the rental period is coming to an end - please make sure we have current contact details. If your baby has not reached this stage, it's not a problem - just ask us for extra time. We will add a month a time to keep a check with you as to when your baby has outgrown it. There is no extra cost. 

  • Do you sell fitted sheets designed for the Bednest mattress?

    Yes. We sell 2 types ..... 100% organic cotton and 65% cotton / 35% polyester. They are both fitted sheets and are available online on this website.


    Please note that with our current pricing it is better value to buy sheets as a pair rather than as singles. 



  • What size mattress does the Bednest take?

    Length 83cm x width 37.5cm x maximum thickness 4cm. 

    Some companies offer mattresses for the Bednest. These are not approved by Bednest as they are often 81cm meaning there is an extra 0.5cm gap each end. They may also be deeper and exceed the MAX line printed on the end panel of the Bednest.




    There’s more information on dimensions  here 

  • What’s included if I decide to rent a Bednest?

    Bednest rentals comprise 3 main elements:

    1. Rental  a fully refurbished crib and stand with 2 x attachment straps and user guide - to use for up to six months - with FREE extra time on request. 

    2. Purchase of a new mattress and 2 x fabric sides. Or for extra cost you can upgrade to our custom-designed coconut coir, wool and cotton mattress. These items are not rented - they're new for your baby every time and yours to keep.

    3. Delivery (anywhere in the UK and these EU countries) and collection at the end of the rental.

    NB. We will not supply a rental without a new mattress and new side panels. 


  • Are there any additional items I should buy?


    If you are renting, you may wish to buy the damage waiver as it covers you for repair costs for accidental damage.

    You will need sheets to cover the mattress. We offer a choice - including 100% organic cotton. 

    You may also wish to add a waterproof mattress protector. 

  • What if I decide I want to buy the Bednest during the rental period?


    -          No problem! Just email us and we can let you know the best price and sort the payment details and end the rental agreement. 

  • Advance Orders - what happens if my baby arrives sooner than expected?

    Don't worry! At Bednest we know that babies don't always arrive on time! If you have ordered in advance but find that you need the Bednest sooner, we promise we won't charge you extra and we will do all we can to deliver your Bednest as soon as you need it*

    * Excluding weekends and public holidays. Just give us a call on 01926 350197 or email  and we will let you know how quickly we can deliver your Bednest.

  • What if I want to extend the rental period?


    The rental period is up to six months from when your baby is born - with FREE extra time on request because every baby is unique. 

  • What if I damage the Bednest during the rental period?

    You will not be liable for small marks from normal use but if the Bednest does become more seriously damaged you'll need to pay for the repair costs. 

    However, for a nominal sum you can purchase our damage waiver at the time of booking your rental and this means you will not have to pay any repair costs if the Bednest does get damaged. See our shop page for details here.

  • Is the Bednest sold in any stores where I can see it?

    To ensure we offer the best value we don't sell to any retailers as they add significantly to the prices as they need a large margin.

  • Can I use a cot bumper?

    Cot bumpers or other padding or toys are not recommended to be used with the Bednest as they can be a smothering risk. Do not add any padding around the edge of the mattress as it may act as a step/ramp up the sides.

    They also reduce sleeping space and can impede airflow.

    More information in the User Guide here

  • Is it possible to use a baby respiratory monitor with a sensor pad under the mattress?

    Nothing should be placed under the mattress that may increase the sleep surface height of the mattress above the MAX line label affixed to the inside end panel. IMPORTANT: The sleep surface means the surface your baby sleeps on - so don't add anything under or over the mattress that increases the sleep surface above the MAX line.

    Some sensors may pick up any movement from the adult bed when the crib is attached to the adult bed and therefore may not give an accurate reading in this mode. As a consequence it is not advised to use one unless the crib is free-standing and at least 30cm away from the parent's bed. IMPORTANT: As with any crib, make sure both the sides are fully up and secure if the crib is used away from your bed.


    If you have any doubt or concern or need more information on when to use the pad, please ask your questions directly to the manaufacturer or supplier of the sensor pad before you attempt to use it.

  • Can I use any mattress I choose or an additional mattress in the Bednest?

    No. You should only use one of the mattresses we supply. They are designed to be the correct length, width and depth.

    Never use a mattress that exceeds the height of the MAX line printed at the end the Bednest as this will reduce the height of the sides.



    More information in the User Guide here

  • Can I put a wedge under the mattress?

    NO. This will increase the sleep surface height and reduce the height of the side panels.


    For more information please refer to the User Guide here 

  • Why doesn't Bednest have a rocking function?

    The Bednest does not have a rocking function for these main reasons.

    1. Babies don't need to be rocked to sleep. Yes, they might like it but that's not necessarily a good reason to do it. When developing the Bednest we talked to  parents who said their baby came to rely on the rocking motion and wouldn't sleep unless they were rocked to sleep. 

    2. It's the parents who have to do the rocking - so you can't get back to sleep until your baby has gone to sleep if they're relying each time on the rocking. The rocking may become an expectation and may be the only way to get little one to sleep. 

    3. As baby has increasingly grown used to being rocked to sleep it may be harder to move them to their cot which almost certainly won't have a rocking feature. 

    4. If the habit and expectation of rocking is not started in the first place, baby won't be expecting it or relying on it. They will therefore fall asleep without having been conditioned to expect to be rocked to sleep .... So you won't need to stay awake at night to do it.

    5. Summary and conclusion. Babies may like being rocked to sleep but they don't need it and the habit of conditioning them to expect it can make nights more disturbing and create longer term issues when moving to a cot.


    This link may be useful. 




  • What if I need to change the delivery date?

    No problem - just email us at

    Please include your order number and requested new delivery date.

    Please remember we can deliver on weekdays only, excluding Bank Holidays.


  • Is the Bednest guaranteed?

    Yes - all our products are covered by a 12 month guarantee. As with any guarantee it does not cover normal wear and tear. 

    We are a parent-friendly company, so please contact us if there is a problem to see if we can help outside of this period.

  • Can I buy or rent a Bednest outside of the UK?

    If you wish to buy a Bednest we can ship it worldwide*.

    Our great value rental service is currently available in the United Kingdom and these EU countries.

    * We do not ship to Canada or the USA.

  • My email address is being rejected at the checkout - what should I do?

    This issue seems to apply to email addresses beginning with numbers.

    If possible, please try entering a different email address that begins with letters or contact us to take a phone order.

    We are trying to fix this bug and we are very sorry for the inconvenience. 

  • Questions about my order

    Q. I have placed an order - where can I see the delivery date?

    A.  You will find the preferred delivery date you have chosen towards the bottom of the order confirmation. For all orders we also send a follow-up email with the date. Please check in your spam/junk mail. 

    Q. Will I get a tracking number?

    A. Yes. It will be emailed to you late afternoon / early evening on the day we dispatch your Bednest. In the UK this may be on the day before delivery is due. In most of Europe it will be about 2 days before delivery. For the rest of the world it will be sent up to 7 days before. Please check your spam / junk folders in case it's gone in there. 


    Q. Can I change the delivery date?

    A. Yes. Just send us an email with your new delivery date - assuming we have not already dispatched your Bednest.

    Q. Can you give me a specific time for delivery?

    A. We can only say it will be between 9am and 6pm 

    Q. What if I am not at home when it's delivered?

    A. Ideally it's best to be at home but if you're not, the courier will attempt a delivery the next working day. You can also leave special instructions, for example to leave it with a neighbour. 

    Q. Does the Bednest need to be signed for when it's delivered?

    A. Yes. You are a very important customer and the Bednest is an expensive item, so we need to be sure it's arrived safely.

    Q. I have rented a Bednest, will you remind me when to return it?

    A. Yes. We will send an email reminder a couple of weeks before it is due back. But remember if your baby needs it longer just ask us - it's not a problem. We always allow extra time as every baby is unique.

    Q. Do I need to keep the packaging for a rental Bednest?

    A. Yes. You will need it to pack up the Bednest for return.






  • Is it OK to leave the side down if I am not able to observe and attend to baby?

    Whenever the side panel is not fully raised and secured you must be in a position to supervise your baby. This means you need to be able to observe and attend to your baby.

    Opening the side panel by your bed makes it easy to bring baby into your bed for care, comfort and feeding. It is then easy to return baby to the crib without lifting over a high side. 

    When it's time for you to go to sleep, simply raise the side panel and secure it at the top. It is secured silently so it won't disturb your baby. You can still see through the transparent mesh side panel. For nighttime feeds, simply open the side, no need to leave your bed. 


    Never leave the sides open when the crib is not attached to the bed / used free-standing.

    PLEASE NOTE: As a precaution Bednests supplied by us after November 2015 no longer have a half-folding side panel. If you have a half-folding side panel it should be updated with a simple free modification kit. See here

  • Questions about returning rented Bednests

    Q. How do I return a rented Bednest?


    A. You will be sent an email before the end of the rental period detailing the simple process.


    Q. What do I do if I haven't had the email?


    A. Please call us with your name, order number and post-code and we will send you the relevant information. The return process is very simple. Also please check spam and junk mail folders. 


    Q. Do I need to keep the packaging for a rental Bednest?


    A. Yes please. You will need it to pack up the Bednest for return.




  • Do I need to keep the box the rented Bednest came in?

    Yes. You will need to repack the Bednest into the box to return the Bednest to us at the end of your rental.

  • Can I return the Bednest early and have a pro-rata refund?


    Sorry, no. We offer one rental option: up to 6 months from when your baby is born - with FREE extra time if needed. Every baby is unique. Our handling and refurbishment costs are fixed regardless of a shorter time as we always include a new mattress and new fabric sides. The courier delivery and collection costs are also the same regardless of the rental period. We have set the rental price low to make it affordable to more parents.

    At the time of writing other rentals are for very short periods and are up to £40 for just one week. We can find one other company in the UK offering a bedside crib for rental at £60 for just one month plus £25 minimum for delivery plus a deposit of £50. 

  • Where can I download the latest User Guides in English and a selection of other languages?

    You can download the latest User Guides in a selection of languages:


    English  here.

    Dutch / Nederlands here.

    French / Français here.

    German / Deutsche here.

    Italian / Italiano here.

    Spanish / Español here.




  • I can't locate the screw holes for the modification kit. What should I do?

    Please contact us so we can assist.

  • What should I do if I have the older design Bednest with a half-fold side?
    Older Bednests that have a half-folding side pose a risk of a baby getting its neck over the side resulting in rapid death or injury.  IMMEDIATELY STOP USING THE BEDNEST IF IT HAS A FOLDING PANEL CAPABLE OF BEING LEFT IN THE HALF-RAISED POSITION. 
    Click here for full details of this and to request a modification kit if you own a Bednest which has not yet been modified to prevent it from being capable of being left in the half-folded position.
    Please note: All Bednests manufactured and rented after November 2015 have been modified already and therefore all current and new orders are not affected.