In the United Kingdom this  agreement  is  partially  regulated  by  the  Consumer  Credit  Act  1974.  Under  the  provision  for ‘small  agreements’  which  are  agreements  where  the  hire  cost  does  not  exceed  GB£50  this  agreement is  exempt  from  Section  V  of  the  Act  which  deals  with  four  elements  of  entering  into  a  credit  or  hire agreement;  pre-contract  disclosure,  the  formalities  of  entry  into  a  regulated  agreement, cancellation  of  a  regulated  agreement  and  its  consequences  and  withdrawal  from  a  prospective regulated  agreement  and  its  consequences.  Each  rental  /  hire  price  is  a  package  price  and includes  delivery  &  collection  and  the compulsory purchase  of a pair new fabric sides and a new  mattress.  The  rental  element  of  any  rental package price does not exceed GB£50.

Your  agreement  is  with  Bednest  Ltd,    Unit  A,  Drayton  Manor  Office  Buildings,  Drayton  Manor  Drive, Stratford Upon Avon, CV37 9RQ

Where  this  agreement  refers  to  the  Bednest  as  the  ‘Bednest  for  rental’  it  means  Bednest  excluding the fabric sides and mattress*.

*For  the  sake  of  hygiene  it  is  a  condition  of  this  agreement  that  a  new  mattress and sides  are purchased  at  the time of rental. The price for these is included in the total rental package prices.


The Bednest wooden crib, stand, 2 x attachment straps, user guide and the packaging for these parts remain the property of Bednest Ltd. 


Please do not loan, sell or give anyone else these parts. They are only intended for use by the original renter.

Please return all these parts ASSEMBLED in the form in which you received them properly packed in the original packaging to Bednest Ltd. as soon as your baby has outgrown the Bednest. 




The mattress and fabric sides are owned by the renter.


Please  read and follow  the  instructions and warnings  included  in  the User Guide included  with  your  Bednest.  Please  only use  the  Bednest  for  its  intended  purpose.  Please  stop  using  the  Bednest  as  soon  as  your  baby  begins to  sit  up  unaided,  kneel  or  pull  themselves  up  or  push up on their hands and knees or exceeds  a  weight  of  10kg / 20 pounds.


Bednest  Ltd  warrants  that  the  Bednest  will  arrive  to  you  in  good  condition  and  be  fit  for  purpose.  If you have any problem please contact us.


The rental package price will be collected when we take your order.

Collection  /  delivery

The  Bednest  is  delivered  to  you  and  collected  at  the  end  of  the  rental  period.  You  can  select  any weekday  (except  Bank  holidays).  Specific delivery times cannot be given and the delivery could be at  any  time  from  8am  to 7pm.  Sometimes  it  may  be  later. Delivery  and  collection  is  included  in  the  rental  package  price.  Do  not  return  the  fabric sides and mattress  as  these are owned  by  you,  not  rented.

Your  obligations

Please  treat  the  Bednest  with  care.  It  is  built  to  last  but  needs  to  be  used  only  for  its  intended purpose  and  returned  to  us  (excluding  the  fabric sides and mattress)  in  good  condition  on  time  at  the  end  of  the rental  period.  The rental period is up to six months from when your baby is born - but if your baby has not outgrown the crib (see Usage above) extra time is available on request at no extra cost. We recommend having the crib delivered around 2-3 weeks before your baby is due. If  the  Bednest  is  damaged  beyond  reasonable  wear  and  tear  you  may  be  charged  for repairs  unless  you  have  purchased  our  damage  waiver.  It  is  your  responsibility  to  ensure  the Bednest  for  rental  is  returned  to  us using the method we provide.  Please  remove  the  fabric sides and mattress  before  returning  the Bednest  as they are  yours  to  keep.  You  are  free  to  use  the  Bednest  for  travel  but  please  do  not  export the  Bednest  as  it  needs  to  be  collected  from  the  country  to  which  it  was  first  delivered  for  the rental. Airline travel is not recommended as damage can occur which would be the responsibility of the hirer. 


Bednest  Ltd’s  liability  is  governed  by  English  law.  Bednest  Ltd  is  not  liable  for  any  loss  or  damage or  injury  or  death  if  the  Bednest  is  not  used  in  accordance  with  the  supplied  instruction  booklet  or  if the  Bednest  is  used  for  babies  once  they  are  able  to  sit  up  unaided,  kneel  or  pull  themselves  up  or push up on their hands and knees or exceed 10kg weight.


If  we  need  to  contact  you,  we  will  use  the  details  submitted  at  the  time  of  placing  your  order  unless you  inform  us  of  a  different  preference.  Our  contact  details  are  on  our  website Please  contact  us  if  you  have  any  reason  to  delay  the  return  of  the  Bednest  for  rental  at  the  end  of the rental period as it is fine to extend the rental period at no extra cost if needed.


The  contract  we  have  with  you  cannot  be  transferred  to  anyone  else  –  so  please  do  not  lend out the Bednest for rental to any other user.

Damage  waiver

If  you  purchase  our  damage  waiver  you  will  not  be  liable  for  repairs  for  any  accidental  damage  in regular normal use of the Bednest for rental.

Purchase  option 

You  may have  the  option to  purchase  the  Bednest  for  rental  at  any  time  during  the  rental  period. Please email us to make a request to purchase it. Bednest Ltd. reserves the right to choose to sell it or not. If  you  do  not  return  the  Bednest  for  rental  at  the  end  of  the  rental  period  you  may be charged in full for it as if you have bought it unless you have requested extra time which shall be granted at no extra cost if your baby has not outgrown it.


Any disputes shall be settled according to English law.


The  Bednest  for  rental  remains  the  property  of  Bednest  Ltd  unless  you  subsequently  pay  the additional cost as outlined in the Purchase Rights.

Rental  period

The single payment covers a basic rental period of up to 6 months which commences from when the Bednest is delivered to your address OR from when your baby is born - however on receipt of a request by the hirer the rental can be extended so you can keep the Bednest for as long as your baby needs it at no extra cost. For the purpose of adherence to the Consumer Credit Act 1974 if you need to keep it longer than the initial 6 months we will not charge you a penny more. There is no part refund payable to you for early returns. If the Bednest is not returned to us when your baby no longer needs it Bednest will assume you wish to keep the product and Bednest reserves the right to charge you the difference between the rental price you paid and the prevailing retail price at the time the product is due to be returned. However, we will make every reasonable effort to contact you to enquire about your intentions.

Under  rules  governing  distance  selling  you  have  many  cancellation  rights.  However  at  Bednest we  go  further.  You  have up to  30  days  from  the  date  we deliver the Bednest to you to  check or use  the  Bednest  and  if  you're  not satisfied  you  may  request  a  full  refund  in  which  case  we  will  also  collect  the  Bednest  at  our  cost. This does not affect your statutory rights.


July 2017